Toby R.

“Eciah" is mental onomatopoeia. It’s a shriek synapse, a skidding skateboard. A turn of events. Eciah is a drunken, malformed attempt at enunciation. I think it’s the bastard child of ‘Eureka!’ Right? A tourette of flubbing vowels, falling over each other in the vain attempt at explaining a feeling. It happened to me yesterday. I moved from Los Angeles over four years ago, after almost twelve years there. I loved the city and miss its inhabitants. I became a filmmaker there. Los Angeles chose me…I did’t choose it. I learned all about music publishing, music editing, and music supervision. To most it sounds like I’m in the music business and to an extent, that’s true but I was learning a highly specialized form of filmmaking and thought that one day I would try to teach others about this form of art.

Anyway, I moved to the most remote part of Vermont; so remote that the largest major city near me is Montreal and that 1.7 moose exist for every square mile around me. So far from Babylon that my eggs are produced by my weed connect’s chickens and that a cord isn’t something you plug in. It's a shitload of wood. It was here that I ran into an old friend. His name is Joe and he’s known in the ether as a member of the Might Mighty Bosstones. He’s also the department Chair of my local college’s music business department program. You see where this is going. We had lunch yesterday and he not only offered me a teaching position at the college, he intimated that a tenure-track professorship is feasible (?????). So, to leave the epicenter of the 'music in film' industry and to move to the absolute opposite of that culture, lifestyle, climate, and perspective and be offered a teaching position at a college to barf this knowledge back out to unsuspecting students is, in fact, eciah.