Ashley Felts

Marina Del Rey, CA

I had always heard about the power of intuition, but only recently did I fully comprehend the true transformational nature of what it means to go deep inside oneself for answers. 

For the past 10 years I received my career advice from external sources (parents, mentors, peers) and due to that I found myself at one of the top positions at a very prestigious and successful advertising agency. I had wonderful clients, a fantastic boss, great co-workers, and a job that my ego was really proud of. I liked the feeling of saying what I did, and I felt an inner pride at all that I had accomplished.

However, as all seemingly great things often do, after a few months the allure and prestige of this job started to wear out. I found myself constantly exhausted, very under-stimulated, anxious, and itching to get out of my position. This was a really upsetting phase, as this is exactly where I wanted to be! This is what I had worked so hard for! Everyone had told me that this was what "success" was; however, I felt anything but successful.

This very confusing time catapulted me on a spiritual quest to find out the meaning behind what was really bothering me. I searched through a variety of different healers, spiritual teachers, reiki practitioners... all in an attempt to see where I went wrong, where I missed the mark.

One of my teachers was very adamant about honing into my sub-conscious to identify what I really want, versus what I felt that I wanted (the MUST vs. the SHOULD). So day after day I would journal, pour my thoughts out, and try and untangle myself. Each week the process would get easier, until one night I had an epiphany... and ECIAH!

I scanned my journal and saw that I had written "quit my job" 14 times in the past three months, and suddenly, as if another entity was guiding my pen, I wrote out "life coach." I had never really heard of the term before or knew anyone who had done that, but something at that moment felt so true and exhilarating that I was convinced that this was going to be my new career path. 

I can remember this moment as if it were yesterday. I ran out of my room and started pouring out my thoughts to my roommate that I needed to pivot, I had to find out all about this "life coaching" as I needed to make a move immediately. I hadn't realized but I had been ignoring a lot of core emotional wounds within me that had put me down a path of perfectionism and now allowing myself to really identify what made me happy.

So long story short, it took me about a year to wrap my head around this new identity and along the way I went to get a certification in coaching and reiki healing and I started up a small donation practice with friends. A few months after that I secured my first paying client, and then most recently I hosted my first event with over 40 people! I am still at my advertising "day" job, but have a very clear strategy on when I will transition and funny enough I do a lot of coaching now at work with the people that I manage.

They always say "follow your heart," "trust your intuition," "follow your bliss," but unfortunately those were all truisms to me until I really looked inside to understand what that meant. This journey was definitely a long and somewhat painful one, but I know that it will be of use to my future clients as I help them find their passion and equip them with the tools to make their dreams come true.

Is this an Eciah? Absolutely. Moving from resistance/unconscious living to peace/conscious living has arguably been one of the most important life steps that has ever happened to me. I am beyond grateful for this enlightening moment and hope that this story inspires others in some small way :).