Dorie Furman

In college, I was so frightened of speaking in front of a group that I never completed my oral composition class. Years later, part of my job was to audit insurance company performance and present findings to their executives. I had an epiphany--I discovered that they were more afraid of me than I was of public speaking. From that day forward, I was able to give motivational talks at churches and community centers. It was and still is on a volunteer basis, but the satisfaction derived from having people come forward afterwards and thank me for helping them in some way, is worth more than gold. After my first talk, I received a standing ovation, and that's when my life changed forever. I found my calling and the feedback I receive makes it all worthwhile. Everyone hopes that they serve a purpose in their lives and that they can accomplsh something meaningful while they're here in this world. Even if you help or save one person, one animal or resolve one situation, you have lived well. Having people tell me that my words changed their lives for the better means everything to me.