Ella Quinn

Over my lifetime I look back and see eciah moments that stand out like stars along my path. They inspired or lifted me in some way and left me feeling grateful and hopeful. The one I will share today started when a friend was collecting items for a silent auction for a St Jude's fundraiser. I decided to donate a set of books that I loved to the auction. Then, I wondered if it was possible to buy the new set of 3 books with the author's signature, as that would raise the excitement about buying the books! The author answered my query with a big fat yes and we ended up meeting to get the books to me personally. PLUS, she threw in a couple more sets of signed books so I could give even more to the fundraiser. This was a great eciah moment for me. Her thoughtfulness lifted my spirit and filled me with gratitude. I think of her generosity often and do my best to pay it forward. That author was Kim Gruenenfelder.