Ashley T.

Rochester, NY

My fiancé and I first met one summer at Kodak 12 years ago. I was the college girl working there during summer break and he was the hot mechanic all of us college girls crushed on. I went back to school and figured I'd never see my hottie mechanic again. Little did I know a year later he'd end up asking me for my phone number. We dated for several years, moved in together after 5 years. I think it was at that point he started getting harassed relentlessly by friends, family, even coworkers about proposing to me. After celebrating our 9th anniversary in November of 2014 I thought maybe he was holding out for the 10th anniversary to propose. New Year's Eve of 2014 we planned to spend the night with his cousin and wife. I left work in a bad mood that day. I complained to my fiancé about my horrible day when I got home. He told me my night would get better and I told him he was wrong. At his cousin's house we had a feast for dinner and I snapped out of my bad mood. It also helped that his cousin kept filling my glass with mimosas. We ended up playing Pictionary, which has become a New Year's Eve tradition for the 4 of us and it's always good for a laugh. Dick Clark's New Year's Eve countdown was on in the background. His cousin had looked at the tv and said, "Oh, look. 2 minutes left." My fiancé then turned to me and said, "So, before the year is over..." then pulled a ring box out of his pocket and handed it to me. I opened the box and there sat a beautiful solitaire diamond. In the final minute of the year, over a game of Pictionary, the hottie mechanic from Kodak asked me to marry him. His cousin's wife was ready and waiting with her cell phone- the pictures she took captured both my look of surprise and sheer happiness. After I said yes and it sunk in that I was officially engaged, my fiancé looked at me and said, "See? I told you your night would get better." That was almost 2 years ago and now our wedding is 11 days away! His cousin is his best man, his cousin's wife is my matron of honor, and their daughter is our flower girl. As I sit here counting down the final days until our wedding, I fondly remember that night. For me, it was absolutely perfect. I wouldn't change a single thing. And every year, as the rest of the world counts down the final seconds of the year and welcomes in the new year, I will always be reminded of my eciah.