Victoria Buckley

Dallas, TX

Unbeknownst to me, I met my husband on the first day of first grade. We obviously had no interest in each other at that point because boys are mean, smelly, and have cooties! Fast forward to the summer of 2004. My family, his and several others from school were on an Alaskan cruise for summer break before starting our junior year of high school and that is when our romance blossomed. Five years later we had both graduated college and I was a paralegal at a law firm working crazy hours but loving every second of it. It was May 8, 2012, and it was not shaping out to be a great day for me, I'd been at work since 6 am and there were no signs that I was leaving before 7 pm! Despite that, my boyfriend is insistent that I'm home for a dinner reservation and a Top Chef style, one-night only, pop-up restaurant. I promised him I'd be home but told him it was a horrible day to plan this and I was going back to work after. Annoyed and the incessant texts about my whereabouts I finally left work at 6:15. On the way out I told my attorney how annoyed I was with Andrew! So I rush home and he's not even there! I call him and say "you've been rushing me all day and you're not even here!?" He claimed to be pulling into the garage any second and needed me to come out immediately, no time to change out of my round toe Tory Burch flats and cardigan set. We drive to White Rock Lake, an outdoor space by the apartment we lived in at the time, and get out of the car. It's cloudy outside and I'm worried it's going to rain on our dinner. We get out of the car and there are no sounds or signs of a vibrant pop-up restaurant. It's actually completely quiet. So I start asking questions, the paralegal in me. He guides me up a hill where there's 15-20 large photos of us strung between a row of trees, photos from high school, travel, getting our first dog, other life events of ours and then one with a question mark. Suddenly he was down on one knee and I was starring at a beautiful sapphire on a diamond band. It was such a whirlwind that I don't remember the specific words only that he wanted me to be his wife! I said yes and it ended up being a pretty good excuse for not going back to work that night! We've been together for 13 years and I wouldn't change it for the world!